Age 2

Toddle all the way to the bank.

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Your child is a toddler. As of today, they can reach everything, and go everywhere. What they can’t reach, they want, immediately. Anything on a shelf is a battleground. The grocery store is your new Waterloo. 

Start Here.

Life may not be a rehearsal, but life with a two-year-old should be. Grocery shopping with your little person? While you’re on your way, walk through everything you plan to buy, aloud, together. You’ve just turned the grocery store into a scavenger hunt. A small victory. Will this work? Momentarily, perhaps. And while it won’t stifle the occasional yelp for a unicorn cake or dinosaur confetti, it will instil in your child’s subconscious an early understanding of budgeting, financial planning, and patience.  

Get This. 

Studies show that delayed gratification is a lesson that can be learned at two. That lesson pays dividends for life — for you and your child. Have your unicorn cake, and eat it too.