Frequently Asked Questions

Wealthie Works Daily is a saving, investment, and financial literacy platform for kids and families. We make it easy for friends and family to contribute to a kid’s financial future.

Wealthie’s like a pension fund for babies…

We start with a gift card for kids. Our cards are digital, collectible, and playable. Friends, family, and gift givers can choose an e-card from the Wealthie collection, and then add an investment value to their card.

Cards collect on a kid’s Wealthie account timeline, where they can play and revisit the games, animations, and music for years. As kids grow, and their cards stack up, they see and understand just how many friends and family are invested in their future.

Investment values held in each gift card slide into a diversified ETF portfolio. Parents go through a simple digital account opening to deposit their kid’s first investment, and from here on, card values can slide easily into that account and get growing.

Wealthie ETF portfolios are curated by CI Direct Investing. They are chosen for their long term benefits, trusted track records, and tax efficiency, so you can forget about it and keep your child’s investment account growing quietly in the background.

What’s so important about financial literacy? Without it, kids grow into teens, and then into adults, who struggle to save, invest, and stay out of debt.

Kids understand basic money concepts by age three. The majority of their money habits form by age seven!

It really helps to start talking about money and value early, but we get that it can be hard to talk about money at any age. So, Wealthie’s here to help.

How old is your child? Start here and check out our Financial Literacy by Age series.

Nope! We leave the banking to the banksters. Wealthie works with best-in-class financial and fiduciary partners to curate, invest, and manage the Wealthie.Works portfolios and investment accounts.

Why do we work with established financial institutions? We want every grandparent, parent, and guardian to know that the money for the kids in their life is safe, secure, and in excellent hands.

Our beta trial is now underway, and over the next six months, we’ll invite kids and families to test out the platform, try our gift cards, open investment accounts, and give us feedback.

Want to be the Greatest Gift Giver of All Time? Join the Wealthie waitlist!

Great call! Join the Wealthie waitlist!

No problem. Wealthie’s financial partners make it easy. Opening an account for your child is fast and straightforward. Wealthie accounts offer three curated portfolios for your young investor. Our financial partner will recommend the investment option best suited for you and your family.

Now, whenever your kid has a birthday, a holiday or a special event, friends and family can contribute to their healthy financial future.

Start Early. Keep Growing.

Did we mention that compound interest is one of the most powerful forces in the universe? It’s even more powerful when it works for you daily.

We take most of our life lessons from compound interest.

So, the short answer is “yes” — Wealthie Works Daily.

There are dozens of financial service offerings that help to manage pocket money and allowances, or save for future goals. Most of them are really about… spending. Wealthie is about NOT spending!

We help kids and families enter the market as investors 30 years before the average person gets started. We want families to Start Early, so that every kid can benefit from the magic (kidding, it’s math) of time, and compound interest.

Check out our Gift Calculator to see the impact we’re talking about.