About Us

Start Early. We say that a lot. Because when it comes to building a stable financial future, kids have time, and it should work for them. 
Wealthie makes it easy to Start Early. How easy? Try this:
  1. Choose a fun, collectible gift card for a kid in your life.
  2. Add an investment amount to the card.
  3. Send.

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We want to get more kids and families invested than any other company in the world. We want to shrink the wealth gap in a generation. We want to empower a generation of young people with deep financial literacy, and the confidence that comes with it. 
Co-founders Hilary, Sabaa, and Don come from professional backgrounds in business journalism, design, marketing, theatre, broadcast, tv development, technology, and law. We bring decades of skill and experience to Wealthie. We also bring the seven-year-old versions of ourselves, who are pissed Wealthie didn’t exist in time for them.
You’re invested in your child’s future. We are too.