About Us

Co-founders Hilary Doyle, Sabaa Quao, and Don West have a lot of kids in their lives— their friends’ kids, their kids’ friends, their own kids, some good kids, some rotten kids, some grown kids, some wannabe kids… a LOT of kids.

We set out to build a business that would do well for those kids, and make life a little easier for their parents. 

Professionally, we  combined our backgrounds and years of experience in journalism, design, marketing, theatre, broadcast, tv development, technology, and law, mashed them together, and came up with Wealthie Works Daily.

Wealthie is a company that helps families grow their knowledge and comfort around money. All the research shows that when kids and families get comfortable talking about money, those kids gain an advantage for life.

We’ve also built a way for kids to start growing an investment account 30 years before the average person gets started as an investor. 

Kids don’t have a lot of money, but they do have a lot of time. And all those small gifts of money from birthdays, holidays, tooth fairies, and celebrations really add up. So, we’ve made it easy to get that money into a safe spot where it can be invested and grow while those kids keep growing. 

We’re working to empower a generation of young people with deep financial literacy, and the confidence that comes with it.

If there’s a kid in your life, and you’re invested in their future, now we are, too.