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The financial literacy you need, in the 15 seconds you have.

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Here’s the secret it takes most people a lifetime to learn: when it comes to time and money, having one can make up for not having the other. 

Right now, your baby’s got a potent mix of time and a lot of admirers. Put both of these things to work.

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Odds are, your baby’s still the only thing that your family and friends want to talk about. Cash in on this social currency while your kid’s still rolling into fam bbqs like some A-list celeb. In other words, while the people you love are up in your baby’s business, let them actually become your baby’s business.

Yes, some stuffies will stand the test of time, but odds are nothing will come close to the value of an investment made now for the long term. Need a story to illustrate the power of time and compounding? Try this anecdote, with thanks to Morgan Housel, author of The Psychology of Money… 


If Warren Buffett had invested like many people do — started at 30 with $25 000, retired at 60, and still made his 22% annual Berkshire Hathaway returns — today, he’d be holding about $15 million. 

(We’d still take his investment advice.) 

BUT, because he started investing at 10 and kept going, Mr. B’s fortune has rocketed past $100 billion. 

Okay. A few takeaways. One, your offspring is currently 10 years ahead of Warren Buffett. And, while we’re not suggesting your child become a pint-sized tycoon, we are saying that the greatest commodity your baby has right now, (aside from good genes and heavy cuteness), is time. 

Sometimes, TIME = MONEY, but right now, TIME > MONEY.