Why Gen Zs crash more cars

Why Gen Zs crash more cars

The jobs are/were downtown. Downtown housing is too expensive. The obvious solution for Gen Z workers? Live further away.

Today’s young workforce is trying to do just that — except, as an Apartment Guide survey reports, they’re getting into accidents on their longer (and longer) commutes.

Call it the Gen Z commute.

Sure, sure. It’s easy to tell people to stop texting and emailing while driving.

But look at the larger problem: People can’t afford housing. They need roommates to stay afloat. They’re pressured to stay hyper-connected to their work. Their cost-of-living budgets (rent, utilities, food) are rising faster than their salaries. They have no choice but to break all three personal finance rules.

Add it all up? And yeah, you’ve got some distracted, addled, stressed-out motorists.

33% of Gen Z workers say they’ve gotten into a car accident while emailing for work. Hear that, bosses? Your Zs need a raise, a rest, and an #OOO reply for two hours a day. Or at the very least, a more generous work from home policy.