The Economics of Full-Time Wizardry

From Muggle to Wiz, Wealthie runs the numbers.

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From the budding wizards at Hogwarts to the more seasoned wizzes of Lord of the Rings, wizardry is where it’s at. For anyone curious about a career in wizarding, Wealthie looks at the costs of getting off the ground. (haha see what we did there?)

Looking the Part: $35+

A robe was just a scratchy cloak until Madam Malkin came along. She cornered the market on fashion and function. We hunted for the ones that Harry and his pals made famous, but they’re only sold at Universal Studios. So, if you’re a label lover who wants the real deal, you’ll have to budget for it.

Tickets to Universal: $315 PLUS flight and hotel! That’s a lot of IRL money. So, while you’re saving up we’ve found good alternatives at, Walmart, and Amazon, ranging from about $35-$60, with hood, embroidery, and lining. 

Pro tip: sew in a few pockets to make room for spells and potions. 

Carry a Big Stick: $4.50 and Up

The pièce de résistance!  If you’re serious about wizardry – which we know you are – you’ll need a wand. Wands are an opportunity to express yourself. Are you a no frills kind of wiz? A 14-inch gold-tipped standard, or a basic lucite will run you about $4.50 to $5.50. 

Are you a wizard who loves movies and history? Maybe you’d like to bid on Glynda the Good Witch’s wand, which sold for $400 000 back in 2019!

Hocus Pocus: Misc.

Every great wizard has some potions up their sleeve. Since we could use some money to launch our career, we’re costing out potion ingredients for a spell to help you win at Bingo

2 tbsp Pepper

2 tbsp Mustard (yellow works best)

10 freshly picked Honeysuckles OR 20 grams of Organic Cloves

1 sealable glass bottle to hold all ingredients.

Most of these items, you’ll find at home for free, so cast your spell and let’s get you some dough for a bestie!

A Wizard’s BFF: Priceless

Every wizard needs a companion — one that strikes fear into the souls of their enemies, and is also extremely cute. Like an owl! Did you know that owls are able to turn their heads a full 270 degrees? Oh, and owls have adapted to nearly every ecosystem on the planet? Hoo knew?!

The Eurasian Eagle Owl generally costs between $2,800 and $3,800. Suddenly, a rat like Scabbers looks like a steal. You could train a raven, or adopt a cat. You can even adopt a Great Horned or Saw-Whet Owl for $25 to $100 monthly. Don’t forget to factor in costs for  food, training, and exercise. 

Owning a pet is a pretty serious business, even with magical super powers. So you may want to start by testing out your powers of convincing on the Muggles in your home. 

The wizardry game is a long game. And a fun one. You’re now armed with the tools you need to become a wizard. So, come up with a Wizard name, and don’t forget to trademark it!

Thoughts on pursuing your dreams:

Don’t let the Muggles get you down.

– Ron Weasley