Why “buy the dip” is good advice for nachos

Buy the dip, esp guac

If you’re in line at a taco stand, get the guacamole. Yes, it costs extra, but we firmly believe it’s worth it for the creamy green fruit that manages to be nutritious, delicious, and the perfect compliment to a corn chip. 

But what if the dip isn’t the most perfect guac? What if it’s too salty? What if you’ve had better dips? Buy the dip! It’s still likely to be delicious.

Always buy the dip, whether it’s guac or stocks

And here’s the metaphor for investing: When the stock market dips and stocks get cheaper, it’s worth buying them. You may never know if they’re the cheapest they’re gonna get. But history suggests, over time, that the market will get back to where it was and then keep growing. So you’re snapping up a deal. If you’re invested for the long term and you’re dollar-cost averaging, you’re better off always buying. Is it the best deal ever? Are the avocados organic and at the peak of mushability? You don’t know and likely can’t know. You can’t time the market. So buy the peak, the trough, the up, the down, the salsa, and the dip.

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