Age 0

In the beginning, there was a baby. And this made you realize…man, they’re expensive.

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You have a baby! Welcome to the greatest, most sleep-deprived club on the planet. So far, you’re doing everything right.

Start Here.

One of the most important things you can do as a parent is help to secure your child’s financial future. And, by opening a Wealthie account, you’ve just done that. 

Your work here is done! Take a nap. Wake up when your kid is 25. 

Oh, we kid, we kid. But for real, you’re accomplishing something rare. You’re giving your child a 30-year headstart on the average investor. Three decades of time and compounding will help to quietly grow a meaningful nest egg, ready for your little person when they need it and, (thanks to 20 years of wise words from Wealthie), when they’re ready for it. 


You’ve started early. Now, your job is to keep going. Work to make consistent, manageable payments a habit. $10 a week in a diversified portfolio (like your Wealthie account) at 6% a year, builds almost $60 000 by age 25. Pair that $60K with two decades of Wealthie’s smart financial education, and voila, the world’s in great hands, all thanks to you.  

So, Welcome to Wealthie. Celebrate yourself.